How Much is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

Car Accident Claim WorthAfter going through a car accident that has left you seriously injured, you may feel lost and unsure of how to move forward. You might be considering legal action, but filing a car accident claim can be difficult to do without a lawyer, and there are many steps involved. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out and there are many legal terms and concepts you need to understand. You may have a list of questions you want to ask a lawyer, one of which is how the value of your claim is determined.

How is the value of my claim determined? 

Insurance adjusters determine the value of your claim or settlement offer. Investigators for insurance companies use certain formulas to determine the value of your claim. Items that are factored into these calculations are usually costs such as vehicle repairs or replacement. The multiplier method is commonly used by many insurance companies to determine a claim’s value, though it is not the only method. For more information about the formulas used, you can ask a seasoned personal injury lawyer. 

What are the types of damages I can recover? 

A car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts, like one from Royce Injury Attorneys LLC can tell you that there are several types of damages you may be able to recover. Damages in a personal injury case are split into two categories: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are damages that have a verifiable monetary value, while non-economic damages vary from person to person, such as pain and suffering. Examples of damages include:  

  • Vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Medical bills (present and future)
  • Loss of income 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disfigurement or disability

Legal Assistance is Available

By working with an attorney you can be confident that your case will be handled properly. If you are filing a personal injury claim, you want to make sure that you are being compensated for the amount that you are owed and nothing less. After learning about your claim’s value from the insurance company, you can consult with a lawyer to determine the maximum amount a claim could actually be worth. You deserve to have a lawyer by your side who will only act in your best interests and make sure your rights are fully protected during this difficult and stressful time. Contact a skilled and trusted personal injury lawyer that you can count on now to assist you with your claim.